Tarot Definition

Tarot: Tarot is a divination method used to obtain guidance to situations in your life. Some believe that the Tarot began in Italy over 500 years ago while others feel that it corresponds to the Kabbalah. The tarot card deck contains 78 cards. Tarot card readers tend to use different 'spreads' and to have their own interpretations and way of using the cards. These readings can be quite informative and accurate. Tarot originally started out as a game in 15th century Italy, by adding to a normal deck of cards 21 trump cards, a fool, and 4 queens of each suit. Some early Tarot decks of North Italian origin, which date to the early to mid-15th century have remained. These were called carte da trionfi or "cards of the triumphs". Soon afterwards, the cards came to be known as Tarocchi. It is unknown when the tarot was first used for divination.

The typical 78-card tarot deck is structured into two distinct parts. The first, called the Trump cards, consists of 21 cards without suits, plus a 22nd card.

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