Rapid Eye Technology Definition

Rapid Eye Technology (RET): RET was founded by Dr. Ranae Johnson, Ph.D. She began in 1966 to develop ways to help her autistic son. Her success with him and many others led her in 1988 to begin training individuals and professionals in her revolutionary technology. RET has been found to be effective in releasing old abuse, stress and trauma and in helping clients learn to choose something different. There are essentially two parts to RET: first, stress-causing factors are identified and released on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level through structured movement and blinking of the eyes; then the client learns to apply new life skills in order to experience what they would prefer to experience. RET appears to open up the neurological pathways in our brains, where we store our memories and our decisions with regard to these memories. People still retain their memories and any aspects of their personalities that they wish to keep, however, they are able to release dysfunctional beliefs and the emotional charges that surround past traumas.

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