Polarity Balancing Definition

Polarity Balancing: Polarity balancing is a method dating back 6000 years. This holistic health building system was developed by Dr. Randolph Stone in the early 1900's. It is based on the wisdom of the ancient healing arts, traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda combined with Quantum Physics. Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical Energy Fields and back to its source. In Polarity Therapy health is considered as a free flow of Energy through Energy Fields. Dis-ease is thought to be the result of energy being disrupted in its flow. A polarity therapist may utilize a variety of techniques such as light to deep bodywork, nutrition and cleansing, yoga and movement and awareness of patterns created by thoughts and emotions. The Polarity practitioner uses the resonance of the energy in the  hands to establish harmonious patterns of energy in the Client and to release tension and to re-establish a vibratory pattern where the body can heal  itself. The body has an infinite capacity to heal itself and to make itself whole. In Polarity, we work with this perfection as servants of nature. 

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