Past Life Regressions Definition

Past-Life Regressions: Past life regression (PLR) is the alleged journeying into one's past lives while hypnotized. This is the process in which an altered state of consciousness is induced in order to help a person to relive experiences from past lives. Past life regression may help us learn about factors in relationships that are affecting us today or about health problems that seem to have no basis in this life. The goal of past life regression is to allow us an understanding of the soul's memory in order for us to release, forgive and grow. Hypnotist specializing in past-life regression are expecially helpful when trying to uncover problems or concepts from lives in the past. In most circumstances a patient in need of past life regression will begin in a meditative state and then be instructed to imagine him or herself being transported out the door. Through this door (or through a series of doors following the first) a person may find themselves in a past life. Past-life regressions depend strongly on the person and how they react to such situations mentally.

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