Nutritional Counseling Definition

Nutritional Counseling: Nutritional Counseling includes food planning and preparation, food combining, storage and nutritional supplements. A food counselor's goal is to support you in lifestyle changes, a nutritional counselor will assess and recommend according to an individuals personal needs. Through the use of several diagnostics they will determine various nutrient supplementation to aid in digestion, assimilation and metabolism; other herbal therapies and exercise programs to help you restore and attain optimum body functioning and performance. A nutritional counselor is trained in the intricacies of nutritional biochemistry and can eliminate a lot of frustration in personal experimentation with diet and supplements. A nutritional counselor can help a person assess his/her personal dietary needs and help develop a program tailored to biochemical individuality. Nutritional counselors focus on teaching how to purchase and prepare foods that are lower in fats, salt, and higher in fiber to prevent cholesterol, triglycerides and water retention. Also included is how to make smart choices when eating out.

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