Kinesiology Definition

Kinesiology: Kinesiology is the scientific study of man's movement and the movements of implements or equipment that he might use in exercise, sport or other forms of physical activity. Chiropractor Dr. George Goodheart founded Applied Kinesiology in the 1960's. Goodheart believed that a muscle spasm was a malfunction of the muscle or organ, thus making it a secondary and not a primary indicator of disease. He developed a series of tests in order to determine a person's overall health so that proper therapy could be derived.

It also can be used in muscle reflex testing that identifies cosmetic or food allergies. Can be used to find which foods are most conducive to health and those which may cause unwanted symptoms. It is also used to find the appropriate natural medicine such as a homeopathic remedy.In some cases the word "kinesiology" is used loosely as a synonym for "physical therapy". The process includes testing muscle strengths to identify places of illness or discomfort in order to satisfy the patients need for well-being.

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