Healing Circle Definition

Healing Circle: A healing circle involves a group of people in a state of prayer formed in a circle. This creates an atmosphere in which everyone feels free to share and heal one another as well as themselves. Techniques such as visualization, meditation, and the laying of hands may be utilized in the circle.

Prayers in a haling circle may include topics and concepts including psycho-spiritual transformation, improved physical health or depression, love, overcoming abuse and other struggles, or situations affiliated with careers.

There is said to be power in group energy and a healing circle brings the power together to heal and cope with one another.

The concept of the healing circle comes from the ancient archetype dating back to the beginning of time of the circle and the ideas associated with it. A circle has been used as a reference in a cycle of time, clocks, watches, yin-yang, the egg, completion, coming full circle, the beginning and the end, wholeness, geometry of creation, the wheel, celestial objects, crystals, and jewelry. All are associated with the circle and the way it aligns and keeps motion and energy flowing, concepts used within a healing circle.

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