Feldenkrais Method Definition

Feldenkrais Method: The Feldenkrais Method is a body-centered learning process that uses gentle, guided movements in order to stimulate the brain to reorder the neuro-motor functions of the body. This may improve posture, flexibility, and coordination, as well as aiding in the release of chronic tension. This system combines stretching, exercise and yoga to to help people to become more aware of movement patterns and to encourage proper body movement.

Advocates claim the Feldenkrais Method often improves movement-related pain (i.e. pain in backs, knees, hips, shoulders), and leads to better functioning in cases of stroke or cerebral palsy.

Usually in a group setting the teacher verbally directs students through movement sequences designed specifically for the needs of the group. There are more than 1000 Awareness Through Movement lessons (designed by the Feldenkrais Method).

Feldenkrais fist began teaching his method of movement awareness in Tel Aviv to about 13 inspired pupils. Later on Feldenkrais relocated to the United States and began teaching his method in the early 1970s in his own studio. He primarily worked in San Francisco and Amherst, Massachusetts, although his method and teaching began spreading throughout the holistic community and beyond what he originally dreamt.

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