Dream Analysis Definition

Dream Analysis: Dream analysis and dream interpretation are the processes of assigning meanings to dreams. Various systems of dream interpretation have assigned meanings in terms of future events (oneiromancy), in terms of chance events during the night, and in terms of unconscious mental activity. Many believe that our guides or 'higher selves' communicate with us through our dreams. According to Jungian theory, some dream symbols are universal, allowing interpretation by those knowledgeable with dream analysis. Many psychotherapists are able to utilize dream analysis in order to help their clients reach a new level of awareness.

Dream analysis and interpretation was taken up as a physiological study at the end of the 19th century by doctors, psychologists, and fortune tellers around the globe. Many resources are available and used to analyze and dissect the inner meaning of a dream. dream dictionaries and dream counselors are available that claim to be able to understand the unique symbolism associated within a dream. For example if one was dreaming about marriage or a wedding it could actually be a sign of death in the family.

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